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Evaluation & Puppy Programs


Puppy Evaluations


During an evaluation you will be asked a series of questions that will help us understand the environment your dog lives in and what kind of issues you are experiencing with your dog.


We will help you to understand what may be causing your dog's behavioral problems and which of our programs would best help you address those issues. It also gives you a chance to meet the Certified Canine Professionals and see the environment that your dog would be in during training.


If you have concerns about leaving your dog with someone for training this is a good place to start

$85 + tax


How your puppy is handled, trained, and treated is crucial in making him the very best adult dog he can be.


In this consultation, you will learn how to make your puppy love you and open the door to his future potential. You will be instructed on dealing with behavioral problems such as play biting, jumping up, housebreaking, and chewing to name a few. During this consultation, you will be taught how to properly work through these issues. Puppyhood can be a fun and exciting time for both the puppy and the owner if the owner understands puppy behavior and how to properly teach what is right and wrong

$85 + tax


This program is designed for 8-12 week old puppies and can be from 1 to 4 weeks or adjusted if longer is needed.


Getting puppies off to the right start can make a big difference throughout their lives. This in-home program is one where your puppy would live with us in our home with our cats and children. They also come to work with us at our facility each day. During their stay with us, we will begin crate training them. We will get up with them in the middle of the night as needed until they are sleeping through the night. Crate training is an important part of housebreaking and a tool for working through many other unwanted behaviors.

Along with crate training and housebreaking, we will work on play biting, walking on a leash, chewing issues, socializing, possessiveness, jumping up, introduction to household appliances, excessive barking, and many other behavioral problems.


During the time your puppy is with us we start the process of domestication. Remember your new puppy is a wild animal that only will do what is instinctive to them. So to help him become a good family member and canine citizen we have to teach him the basics in a way that he can understand.

Puppies at Certified Canine Services in Watertown

$700 per week + tax

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