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Certified Canine Services Facility


In 1997 after graduating from Training school Neil Began his training career by doing an obedience camp program in his then, one car garage in the suburbs of Syracuse.

After a few years he moved his business to the Pulaski NY area and in April of 2001 Certified Canine Services Inc. was born. Fast forward to 2011 Neil's wife Rachel was out driving one day and found an 8-acre lot only a mile and a half from their home that was for sale. That piece of land is where Neil finally got to build the facility he had always wanted.


As business continues to grow more changes are made to the building and staff. The most recent improvement is a best-in-class, medical-grade air purification system from Healthway. This system removes viral and bacterial particles down to .007 microns from the air. Bordetella is a Bacterium that causes Kennel Cough in dogs, this system removes that from the air along with SARS-CoV-2 which is the cause of COVID-19. Our cleaning regimen removes these things from surfaces so both dogs and humans are covered. We are proud to be the first kennel to have this system installed in our facility. The safety of our customers and their dogs is and always has been our number one priority.

We just completed our latest expansion which was an over 3000 Square foot building completely turfed with K9 Forever Grass and used for indoor socials for times when the weather prevents us from using our outdoor fields. It is also an extra area for training, exercise and playtime.

Certified Canine Services Kennels


In addition to training dogs we also provide boarding. We pride our selves on being a safe, healthy, comfortable place to leave your dogs while you are away. Our kennel area is constructed of what we believe is the industry's finest kennel system (Mason Kennels). We also provide bedding, toys and anything else you dog should need while they are with us.   

Climate Controlled For Your Dog's Comfort

Our main kennel area has radiant floor heating in the kennel room and outdoor runs so when your dog stays with us they are warm and cozy. Our Facility has central air conditioning so they stay cool if they visit in the summer months.

A Safe & Healthy Environment

All dogs must be up to date on their shots which include Rabies, parvo-distemper and kennel cough. The cost of a night's stay includes food. We feed a high end all natural dog food called life's abundance. To find out more about the food just click on the dog food ad at the top of this page. You are welcome to bring your own food if you like but we ask that you bring it in a well-marked sealed container. Because we are primarily a training facility space is limited for boarding so we recommend you call ahead to book for boarding.


Our training facility is situated in upstate New York just one mile from the beautiful shores of Lake Ontario. Our indoor training center is 4600 square feet of space that were designed for the health, safety, and well being of each beloved dog in our care. We pride ourselves on being one of the safest training environments your pet could possibly stay in.


We have a fully fenced outdoor training field used for both off leash training and group play socialization. We have 8 acres of wooded land and a half mile trail used for training, exercise and fun strolls with your dogs.


Each dog has their own Spacious indoor kennels with microfleece bedding and Nylabone toys included. Each one of our kennels was designed by Mason kennels which are considered to be the finest quality kennels in the industry. All dogs also have their own individual outdoor area that is used several times a day for potty breaks. These kennels and outdoor spaces are meticulously cleaned each day with a germicidal and disinfectant designed for veterinarian facilities and kennels.


Faculty Highlights:

  • Commercial air conditioning

  • infloor radiant heating system in the main kennel area

  • Commercial backup generator in the event of a power outage

  • 24/7 Security and monitoring system protecting against fire, floods and break-ins

  • State-of-the-art commercial Healthway air purification system

  • Confidence building utility course

  • Professional grooming tubs, dryers, tables to keep your dog looking their best at camp

  • Forever Lawn K9 Grass dog play areas

  • Mason company kennels

  • We just completed an over 3,000 square feet climate-controlled building covered with Forever Lawn K9 Turf designed for year-round indoor training, exercise and playtime. This gives the dogs a feeling of being outdoors even when our Upstate NY weather is not cooperating  

  • Access to over 1,700 acres of land with wooded trails, grassy fields, lakefront property and sandy beaches

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