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Obedience Camps for Dogs


Dog Obedience Camps



Designed for owners who would like their dogs to be more compatible with THEIR lifestyle rather than the other way around. The candidates are owners with a busy households, with people coming and going and those who like to take their dog with them when they leave the house. 

Your dog will stay at camp for a minimum of 14 days. During this time, your dog will be taught the following commands: heel, automatic sit, sit and down at the side, sit and down in motion, sit and down from the front, and come and place. These are all taught on-leash with training done indoors. Your dog will hold his commands and respond to come without holding the leash.

Training for the owner normally consists of three lessons. The first is a video lesson viewed online. The video will teach you proper leash handling techniques, proper use of commands, when to praise and when not to praise, how dogs think and learn, how to work through behavioral problems, and other techniques needed to reinforce what your dog has learned. The second lesson is the day your dog goes home. In this lesson, you will actually start working with your dog under the trainer's supervision. The third lesson is a follow-up to check on progress and to work on any problem areas you may need help with. This obedience camp includes unlimited lifetime of private lessons. 


This program incorporates all the disciplinary elements of the two-week program but introduces your dog to the e-collar for in-home behavioral issues such as counter surfing, barking, jumping up, chewing, play biting, charging the door, and various forms of territorial aggression, and social issues.


This camp gives the owner the ability and ease of being able to correct these and other behavioral issues indoors without a leash.  This program is uniquely tailored to the goals of the owner and the personality of the dog. The program fee includes the Dogtra  electronic collar. This obedience camp includes unlimited lifetime of private lessons.

$3000 + tax

$2200 + tax


Designed for those who want complete control of their dog, both on- and off-leash. Whether you have a hunting dog and you want off-leash control in the woods, or a family pet walking in the park, this program will give you control. This is our more advanced program.

Your dog will be taught the same commands as the three week program with the addition of sit from down. This program includes a Dogtra electronic collar. You will be given your collar and trained on its proper use at your first follow-up lesson. Electronic collars work great to reinforce something a dog already knows but are not good to teach with. Your dog will be introduced to the collar in the third week of training in a way that is very gradual and not harmful. All of our programs have unlimited follow up lessons for the life of the dog. The owner's first lesson is given when you pick up your dog. ​This obedience camp includes unlimited lifetime of private lessons.

With all our programs, the owner must work at home to change patterns and habits for themselves as instructed by the trainer. Remember, the dog is not the only one being trained.

4 week obedience camp

$3600 + tax

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