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Certified Canine Services FAQ


  • Why choose one of our professional training camps?
    We believe that our camp style programs are the most effective way we can possibly train your dog. This allows your dog to be completely immersed into training and get so much accomplished in such a short period of time. Effectively training a dog requires 3 basic principles. Time Most people lack the time it takes to train their dogs. Here at Certified Canine time is never a issue. Your dog be will be trained multiple times a day by different professional trainers who are skilled and train dogs for a living. Our trainers will be adjusting their lessons to your dogs individual personality each day to meet the goals we have set in place to complete each program. We also absolutely make time for cuddling, play and individual field trips. We want our campers listening and responding because of the relationship we create with them and that takes time, time that we make for each dog and every dog in our care. Patience When working with dogs it is extremely important that you have patience. Successful communication with every dog begins with a calm and patient state of mind. We understand that dogs feed off of energy, having patience with each dog ensures that every lesson is consistent. Patience is a quality that everyone here at Certified Canine has. Knowledge & Skill When a human is sick they go to a doctor who has been trained to diagnose and treat their patient. When your vehicle breaks down you take it to a mechanic that has been trained to repair cars. There are many examples of where people look for professionals who have been trained and have the skill level to diagnose and then treat or fix a problem to help them. All of our training staff are certified professionals who have been trained to diagnose behavioral problems in dogs and then treat the diagnoses properly. Dogs don’t know what we don’t teach them!
  • Will my dog listen to the me after being trained at camp?
    Yes they will! This has been proven by the thousands owners and dogs teams that have left our facility and been very successful for the past 25 years. When your dog leaves camp we will make sure that they completely understand the commands and what is being asked of them. We will also make sure that you understand how to reinforce what they have been taught and how to work through behavioral issues. Free lifetime private lessons are included with each program to make sure you understand what you need to do with your dog. This is also helpful if you or your dog or puppy should have any new behaviors that need to be dealt with down the road.
  • Where will my dog be staying?
    Our training Facility is situated in upstate New York just one mile from the beautiful shores of Lake Ontario. Our indoor training center is 4600 square feet of space that was designed for the health, safety and well being of each beloved dog in our care. We pride ourselves on being one of the safest training environments your pet could possibly stay in. We have a fully fenced out door training field used for both off leash training and group play socialization. We have 8 acres of wooded land and a half mile trail used for training, exercise and fun strolls with your dogs. Each dog has their own spacious indoor kennels with micro fleece bedding and Nylabone toys included. Each one of our kennels were designed by Mason kennels which are consider to be the finest quality kennels in the industry. All dogs also have their own individual out door area that is used several times a day for potty breaks. These kennels and outdoor spaces are meticulously cleaned each day with a germicidal and disinfectant designed for veterinarian facilities and kennels. Faculty Highlights: Commercial air conditioning Infloor radiant heating system in main kennel area Commercial back up generator in the event of a power outage 24/7 security and monitoring system protecting against fire, floods and break-ins State of the art commercial Healthway air purification system Confidence building utility course Professional grooming tub, dryers, table to keep your dog looking their best at camp Forever Lawn K9 Grass dog play areas Mason company kennels Access to over 1,700 acres of land with wooded trails, grassy fields, Lake front property and sandy beaches A brand new 3,000 square feet climate controlled space used for playtime, exercise and training. This area is covered in ForeverGrass K9 Turf to give the dogs a true feeling being being outdoors even when when the Upstate NY weather is not cooperating CLICK HERE TO SEE SOME PICTURES OF OUR KENNELS
  • What is my dog's daily routine while at camp?
    We have a very busy, structured day designed to keep our campers both physically and mentally stimulated. Their day starts at 7:30 am with outdoor time and potty breaks, while our morning cleaning routine is done by our well trained kennel staff. They will then have breakfast and start their day at 8:00am until about 5:00 pm. Your pals will have a variety of things to keep them busy including but not limited to training sessions, playtime, social group play (for those that are eligible), outdoor time, field trips, walks and potty breaks. The dogs here for training are pretty exhausted and having naps by mid afternoon. We also have a nighttime routine that lasts from about 7pm to 9pm. During these hours the dogs get a chance to go outside, romp around and get a last potty break. In addition to our four professional trainers, We have a full time kennel staff 7 days a week who is taking care of your dogs. This care includes feeding, cleaning, baths when needed, giving needed Medicines and any other specialized care that your dog may need.
  • Can we visit our dog while at camp?
    We understand that leaving your dog with us for a few weeks is often hardest part of the program our owners. That being said we also understand that dogs can be very confused if their owners just stops in for a few minutes to see them and then do not take them home. So for the well-being of the dogs we recommend not visiting during their training stay. If you would like an update the best way to get one would be to call and leave a voicemail and we will call you back to let you know how your dog is doing with training.
  • What do bring when I drop my dog off?
    Veterinary records: Up-to-date shot records including required shots of Rabies, Bordetella, distemper and Parvovirus. The Bordetella vaccination should be given at least a week before arrival day. We recommend making sure your dog is also treated for fleas and ticks as we spend a lot of time being active and outdoors with your dog. About your dog: A biography about your dog. This can be written or typed in your own words. We are looking for a story about your dog or puppy. We want to know their issues, history, behaviors both good and bad, the relationship you have with them and the goals you have in mind for training. This serves as a guideline as we navigate through your dog's personalized training program. Deposit: On the day of dropping your dog off we take a deposit of about half down and the balance is in due upon picking your dog up. We except cash, check and all major credit cards. Food: Included in your dog's stay is Life’s Abundance all Life Stages food. If your dog has food allergies, a sensitive stomach or for any other reason feel free to to bring your dogs own food in a bin or container with enough for their entire stay.
  • Will my dog forget me?
    People often wonder and ask if their dog will forget them. Your dog will definitely not forget you or the relationship they built with you. It will be very obvious when you are reunited with your dog that you were not forgotten.
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