Our Mission

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Our mission here at certified canine services is to help owners create the type of relationship and bond with their dog that they have only dreamed of. We will do this by giving you and your dog all the tools you need to build the relationship that will allow them to live happily in your everyday life. If you lack time, patience or the knowledge you need to achieve this we can help.



How We Will Help You

The key to having the kind of unique relationship that you have only dreamed of is by creating a way to communicate clearly and fairly with your dog the behaviors that you do and do not want and in a way they can understand. We believe the best way to achieve this with your dog is through true obedience training. We look at obedience training as a language for dogs. And when you understand this language and use it properly you will be able to bring out the best in your dog and bring to life your dreams. To many times owners try to fix behavior that they don't want but fail only because they don't have a clear way to communicate with their dog. Our camp style programs give owners and their dogs personalized training, catered to the dog's individual needs, personality, behavioral issues and the owner's goals.  Like humans dogs are all different, keeping in mind that there are six different personalities found in dogs we adjust our training to the individual personality of the dog and then teach you how to work effectively with that personality. We start by building a relationship with your dog that can only come by our interaction with them on a daily basis. Then slowly and patiently we teach them this language of obedience. Remember most of the professional dogs in the world such as service dogs, military, Seeing Eye dogs, etc. are all trained in this same way, by a professional trainer with countless hours of experience and then placed with a handler or owner. It truly is a myth that a dog will not respond to its owner if they haven't trained them themselves. Whatever your problem we can help.. 


Have I done everything I can?

            In 17 years as a professional dog trainer I can’t think of anything that brings such a flood of different emotions then the words “you are his/her last chance”. I am excited because someone is willing to put some effort into educating a dog so they can have a fair chance of living in our world. I think some humans just expect when the dog comes into this world they should already know what’s right and what’s wrong without teaching them in a way they can understand. Or they know they need to teach them but are confused about how to accomplish that. I am excited because I know when i am done there is going to be a form of communication that the dog can understand.

            On the other hand I am saddened because I know that in the end what I do might not be enough. That when everything is said and done, whether it be because of genetics or the environment that the dog was in it is just not enough to give the dog a good quality life. 95% of those situations where someone has said those words to me there is a dog living happily with their family. It’s the other 5% that is so hard to let go of. When working with those dogs I keep asking myself “Have I done everything I can”. I will keep going as long as I see progress, even small bits of progress. But sometimes in the end no matter how hard it is we have to let go. My question to everyone is before you let go have you asked yourself “Have I done everything I can”

    Athena needs a home (1)        Athena came to us through the good people at helping hounds, a great rescue group that had her. We were contacted by Kathy Gilmour and asked if we thought we could help with Athena and we said yes. Athena stayed with us for a month and we became very close to this very sweet and affectionate dog. Kathy and her staff where trying to do everything they could to get Athena to the point where she could have a forever home and I couldn’t help but want the same for her. In the end though through all the hard work and love of so many people Athena still couldn’t be completely trusted. I won’t forget the day Kathy called and asked the question “do we have a stable dog” and I had to say no. The reality is that not all dogs can live happily in our world no matter how much we want them to. The following was an E-mail Rachel and I received from Kathy and her staff at helping hounds.